Blooming Leopard, the joining of two beings: one fierce and one beautiful.

Its simple, Blooming Leopard the brand is all about unique flair.  Its about adding a distinct edge to every ladies wardrobe by using combinations of colour, structure or texture - all at an achievable price.

The Blooming Leopard lady is cool, chic and effortless.  She is passionate about rich feeling leathers, fur, flounce and femininity with an edge.

Blooming Leopard strives to bring clients a range of exclusive, limited edition pieces each Season.  Pieces are designed and manufactured with love and attention to detail. They are purposefully not mass-produced which ensures you maintain that chic unique feel when wearing them.  If any of our seasonal pieces are highly successful and loved by our clients we then make them available all year round - easy!


Founders have both fierce and beautiful traits in their personalities, style and life, which is why the brand Blooming Leopard appeals to so many – a combination of extreme forces.

The time was never better to harness the energy and channel our love of leopard, leather and life into a creative outlet. The excitement of the creative process quickly lead to the development of a wide range of leather accessories and other wardrobe pieces.

Without ever wanting to “blend in” the Blooming Leopard brand is built on a platform of great basic leather-ware, complimented with statement accessories and everyday wardrobe pieces.  It goes without saying that leopard forms a major impression on the brand, but quality and unique flair is the key design mantra.

Having traveled extensively across the globe, our style influence is broad. Currently the Northern Beaches of Sydney, and Bali Indonesia, provide dual home bases for the brand. Both progressive fashion hubs, Sydney and Bali present production and marketing avenues for the up and coming brand.

We have previously held a extremely busy professional and personal life and now with children Blooming Leopard has provided a better opportunity for work life balance. But even more so the opportunity to pour all the experience and creative juice from many years into the most rewarding and fun environment. Blooming Leopard is striving to be a powerhouse, full of good times, great product and hard work grunt.