Chambray Shirt

Posted by Blooming Leopard on 5th Dec 2016

Chambray has been a focus in fashion for years, being worn for daily tasks to a becoming runway essential. Recently, the light weight denim has plunged into the scene taking the fashion world by storm … read more


Posted by Blooming Leopard on 1st Dec 2016

Despite previously being a secret symbol for prostitution during the Victorian era, the choker firmly made ground in the fashion world in the 90s, being worn by famous idols and in return being purcha … read more


Posted by Blooming Leopard on 24th Nov 2016

Culottes have been a staple in the fashion world for seasons, and it doesn't look like they plan on going anywhere. The perfect pants for work and play, culottes can be styled for just about any occas … read more

Double Denim

Posted by Blooming Leopard on 21st Nov 2016

\Pics: Pinterest … read more
The Bandana

The Bandana

Posted by Blooming Leopard on 21st Oct 2016

Pics | Pinterest, Fashion Trade Mag, Le Fashion Blog, ifb,,, The Fashion Spot, sneakersandpearls, collagevintage … read more