Posted by Blooming Leopard on 25th Jul 2016

Don't stress out, there is still time to get that Winter body back into shape before Summer rears its gorgeous head.  Spring is the perfect time to re-charge your fitness regime and pay attention to your figure and those areas that really matter - the BUTT!  

One of our favourite trainers and Blooming Leopard supporters Kate Georgas has shared one of her famous workouts to help bring that sexy butt of yours back up to new heights.

BUTT BLASTER WORKOUT (do 10 reps of each exercise x 3 times)

Equipment needed: 1 bench or chair

Exercise 1A - Bench Squat

- Stand facing away from the bench with feet shoulder width apart

- Slowly squat down with arms out in front until your butt touches the bench/ chair

- Squeeze butt as you return to standing position

- Repeat x 10 times

Exercise 1B - Step Ups

- Step up onto bench/ chair with right foot pushing through heel

- Bring left knee up to hip height and place back down leaving right foot on bench

- Do 10 reps on each leg

Exercise 2 - Triple Treat (Part 1)

- Laying on back on floor place heels on bench/ chair keeping your legs straight

- Lift hips up and squeeze butt then lower back down

- Repeat x 10 times

Triple Treat (Part 2)

- Remain lying on floor

- Bend knees and place feet flat on bench/ chair 

- Lift hips and squeeze butt then lower back down

- Repeat x 10 times

Triple Treat (Part 3)

 - In the same position keep one leg bent on bench (as in Part 2) and keeping knees together, lift other leg out straight

- Lift hips up and squeeze butt

- Repeat 10 times on each leg

Exercise 3

- Kneeling on all fours 

- Lift one leg up with knee bent and sole of the foot facing the ceiling

- Push heel of lifted leg toward the ceiling then bring knee all the way down to touch the elbow of same side

- Do this 10 times, then do small pulses for 10. Repeat on other side.

The above workout is courtesy of Kate Georgas.  Kate has over 25 years experience in gyms.  Her credentials amongst many are:

- Australian Institute of Fitness Master Trainer

- Competed IFBB Australia Masters Division 2008

- Competed IFBB Australasian Masters Division 2009

- Competed IFBB Australia Masters Division 2009

Kate's specialties are:

- Competition Prep

- Exercise and Competition Nutrition

- Pre and Post Natal Training

- Experience with Eating Disorders

- Strength Training for Women

Kate is currently a Personal Trainer at Fitness First, Dee Why on Sydney's gorgeous Northern Beaches. For any training enquiries she can be contacted on 0404 461 429 or kateg01@bigpond.net.au

And a little BUTT inspo to fire you up .....

Images from Hannah PolitesTash OakleyJake WallThe Upside, Pinterest, Sydney Fashion Blogger