Posted by Blooming Leopard on 3rd Oct 2016

Stairs, stairs and more stairs.  We can dread them, or we can embrace them.  The weather is getting warmer which means bikinis, shorts and flirty dresses - time to show off those legs.  You want them tanned, toned and strong right?  Blooming Leopard lover and hard core personal trainer Penny Walsh shares with us one of her favourite STAIR WORKOUTS.

Find a good set of stairs, perferably quite a good stack (over 100 is a good start).  Here's some challenges to try:

- Single Stair Runs Up (one at a time) - walk down in between sets

- Double Stair Run Up (take 2 stairs at a time, you can walk up them too) - walk down in between sets

- One Leg hops (one at a time), like HOPSCOTCH - walk down in between sets (remember to do BOTH legs)

- Double Ups (2 steps each single stair)

- Bunny Hops (2 steps, taking 2 stairs at a time) OUCH

Try doing all or a variety of these for at least 20 minutes

Don't forget to stretch before and after and remember to take water with you!

Workout courtesy of Penny Walsh Personal Training


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